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SuccessPlan Maintenance Requirements
Monthly Group Qualifying Volume Requirements:
Independent District Manager   2,500 QV in Central District
Independent Area Manager   10,000 QV in Central Area
Independent Regional Vice President   40,000 QV in Central Region
Independent National Vice President   160,000 QV in Central Nation
Promotion Credits (PC) are made available to Independent Regional and National Vice Presidents who have promoted-out Regions and Nations from their Central Regions and Nations, respectively. These PCs are automatically added to Central Region and Nation volume on a monthly basis.
  • For each Regional Vice President promoted-out from your Central Region, 10,000 QV counts toward monthly Region QV maintenance requirement and Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus.
  • For each National Vice President promoted-out from your Central Nation, 40,000 QV counts toward monthly Nation QV maintenance requirement and Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus.
Performance Account (PA) balances are determined based on the following criteria:
  1. Upon promotion or reassignment from one level to the next, your existing PA is set to zero and a two-month building period begins, during which all Central QV is deposited in your PA account without any maintenance deduction.
  2. When promoting someone from your Central to the same level, a two-month building period goes into effect.
  3. On an ongoing basis, PA account balances will be maintained as follows:
Monthly Central QV less Monthly QV Requirement = PA Balance
Should the monthly QV requirement not be met, and the resulting PA (Performance Account) balance is negative, the qualified Manager or Vice President will qualify for all benefits associated with their title that month; however, reassignment to the next lower level will take place the first of the following month.
In order to participate in the rewards, incentives and other benefits associated with a particular level, you must be “paid as” at that level. In case of reassignment from one level to the next, the former title will be kept for a period of time according to the schedule below:
  Independent District Manager levels   6 months following reassignment
  Independent Area Manager levels   9 months following reassignment
  Independent Vice President levels   12 months following reassignment
Arbonne Independent Consultants, Managers and Vice Presidents will be asked to renew their Arbonne affiliation every year during their anniversary month by submitting a £10 (VAT inclusive) annual renewal fee to Arbonne. This renewal fee helps to defray the company expense of administrative tracking, monthly updates, publications and other information designed to assist in the building of a Consultant’s Arbonne business. All Consultants will continue to receive full benefits as outlined in this SuccessPlan including a surprise product (value of £20+ SRP) when they renew and place a 100 personal QV order before the end of their renewal month.
Also, Consultants who renew during or before their renewal month and have annual sales of 1,500 personal QV, have the opportunity to purchase an RSVP product pack.
You will continue to receive the following Arbonne benefits as long as you continue to submit your annual renewal fee:
  • Arbonne publications and ongoing training.
  • Substantial savings on all Arbonne products, including monthly specials.
  • Participation in product campaigns.
  • Lucrative compensation plan and industry-leading Business Aids.